Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Week ONE

Check out Cara Fullerton from Define Fitness and host of the Fit & Fierce Boot Camp!!

Bikini Boot Camp WEEK ONE :)

One word to sum up week one of the Fit & Fierce Boot Camp brought to you by Define Fitness at the Athlete Factory, would be SORE! Being a basketball player, I'm use to working hard. However, playing basketball and training in a boot camp is a little different. Days after a session at Cara's boot camp and I was sore in muscles I never knew I had!! That just means that the boot camp is a highly intensive full body work out!

There were many dynamics to week one's work outs. Exercise circuits with 5 exercises that are to be repeated 5 times. These circuit exercises work the entire body, both lower and upper, and there is always a conditioning aspect! Cara also incorporates different exercise equipment in these circuits. Using medicine balls while squatting and
using hand weights to intensify the upper body exercises.

Week one also featured a lot of fun partner exercises . There's always something different and exciting to try out. In the pictures posted, Cara gets us to pair up. One person is on a mat and the other person grabs on to their partners ankles. The person holding the ankles has to do 5 squats. When the squats are done then the partner on the mat, after holding a push up position, has to do 5 "ups and downs." These are when you move from the push up position to on your elbows and then back up in the push up position. After that is done 5 times, you switch positions and start from the beginning. This exercise is done in a set of three. This exercise works many parts of your body; abs, legs and arms. It also encourages team building! It's interesting how it's much more intense when you know your partner is depending on you!!

The third class on Thursday was all about conditioning. We used the bike and stepping stools at different intervals to keep the heart beat up. Cara set up a conditioning circuit that involved running lines and skipping with a skipping rope and of course she added the infamous burpee's on to the end of the work out to make sure she is making us SWEAT!

Week one was gruelling and challenging but I always felt great after the workout is done! I  was pretty sore for a couple day's after, but as the week went on, I could start walking straight again. It's just week one, and I'm slowly but surely getting bikini ready!


**** 82 DAYS LEFT TILL #BIKINIESPY !!! *****

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