Monday, 30 April 2012

Week TWO

Bikini Boot Camp - Week Two

The second week of Cara's Define Fitness- Fit & Fierce boot camp at Athlete Factory was exciting. My body is starting to get use to my new fitness routine. I wasn't as sore after every work out. Cara is very good at keeping our interest, work out's are never the exact same. This week had a lot of burpee's incorporated into many works outs. I feel like the burpee will become a staple in many of Cara's exercises. They aren't a fan favorite but the definitely make you SWEAT and get your heart rate up!

Here is an example of a burpee so you can do them at home! Have fun!

This week we also did some track work. The four of use would take positions on the running track. We were to run the first 10 meters and start doing high knees for a period of time until Cara would tell us to stop. We would the have to run the next 10 meters and jump side-to-side, after a period of time Cara would tell us to stop. From there we had to run the next 10 meters and do stutter steps. This is where you feet are always moving up and down in the same position. We hold the stutter step for a period of time, until Cara says to stop and then we sprint the last 10 meters to the end of the track. We do this a few more times but Cara adds another element that challenges us a bit more. While we are doing the high knees, side jumps and stutter steps Cara yells down and a number. This means we must got down in a push up position as fast as we can and get up to continue our exercise. When she yells a number  we must go down and do that many burpee's and get back up as fast as possible to continue our specific exercise.

The track work was probably the most difficult circuit of exercises we have done. It was super challenging, however it was our last workout of the day so when we were done we knew when had the best work out, and that feeling was rewarding.    

During the week lunges and squats where integrated into every exercise. Front lunges, backwards lunges, walking lunges, and a combination of squats and lunges where slipped right in. Getting our behinds in shape!   

Week two  was challenging but  I felt much better about it! Not only am I feeling better and find myself having more  energy , I'm starting to see some results. Especially from all the lunges and squats! Thanks Cara!
 My booty will be looking great in that bikini for #bikiniespy!! Can't  wait!  

**** 68 days TILL #bikiniespy!!! ****


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