Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Week Three

Bikini Boot Camp- Week 3

It's finally starting to feel like spring in Calgary, which makes me super excited about getting healthier and looking great in my summer shorts! #bikiniespy is less than 60 days away and I'm slowing gaining more confidence to get into my bikini thanks to Cara's Fit and Fierce boot camp! Each week is getting tougher and tougher and week 3 was no exception. 

OUCH !!!
A concept Cara introduced to the Fit & Fierce ladies and myself was a notion of OUCH ! This is where the group holds a fitness position or repeats an exercise while one ladies runs a lap or runs a set of lines. When the first lady gets back and joins the others in holding a strength building position or repeats the same exercise as the rest of the group. The next lady goes for a run. The whole exercise is done when everyone has gone through the cycle and does their run. This specific work is called OUCH for a reason, boy does it hurt!  The concept of OUCH can be incorporated to any group exercise.       



The Language of Fitness 

Leap frogs, tuck jumps, bicycle crunches, walking lunges, tricep dips, spears, hold and go, hammer curls, ball slams, burpees, cat crawls, scissor kicks, v-ups, bicycle crunches....what are these, are they even english ?? Every day Cara has a interesting new exercise that has a even more interesting name. These exercise sound fun and cutesy but are really endurance testing workouts. Such as Cat Crawls and Leap Frogs - they are full body work outs that focus on your legs, arms and abdominals.

Time's flying by, week 3 is already long gone and there are only a few weeks left! I'm still feeling great after every work out and I'm starting to see more muscle definition in my legs and arms. #bikiniespy is just around the corner and I'm getting really excited for more results!


**** 53 Days Till #bikiniespy !! ****


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